129 – Energy Risk Management made Simple

How do you control an asset that converts weather into energy? Especially in today’s volatile electricity markets, balancing the risk and value associated with these assets is paramount! We discuss this and more with Brock Mosovsky, co-founder at CQuant.io, an energy focused Software-as-a-Service platform for analytics and portfolio optimization across a broad range of energy stakeholders. Join us as we learn about the world of energy economics and how market operators employ clever techniques based on statistical analyses to evaluate and manage risk and maintain balance between supply/ demand and price/ quantity of electricity.

Hosts:  Chris Sass & Jeff McAuley

Additional Reads:

California’s Duck Curve getting deeper: https://www.eia.gov/todayinenergy/detail.php?id=56880

cQuant: https://cquant.io/

Assessing the value and risk of multiple ppa structures: https://cquant.io/2021/07/14/assessing-multiple-ppa-structures/