145 – How to make your energy smarter?

What sits directly at the confluence of energy transformation and digital transformation? The answer: smart energy management systems! Driven by the urge to answer the singular question of how a consumer can utilize his energy in a flexible way, join us as we find out how with Tobias Mitter, CTO and MD at gridX, A pan-European firm striving to achieve its goal of providing affordable and reliable clean energy to all. Also in the discussion: Why the energy transition not about technology, but about creating an impact, and how to explain energy management to your grandparents!

Hosts: Chris Sass, Johan Oberg

GridX – https://gridx.ai

GridX ultimate guide to retail electricity prices – https://www.gridx.ai/resources/the-ultimate-guide-to-retail-electricity-prices

GridX days 2023 – https://www.gridx.ai/x