182 – Pivoting on Energy: Michael Stivala and the Evolution of Suburban Propane

In this transformative episode of “The Insiders’ Guide to Energy,” we sit down with Michael Stivala, President & CEO of Suburban Propane, a company deeply rooted in the energy sector since 1928. Known for its pioneering approach to home delivery of propane, Suburban Propane has evolved to become one of the largest propane distributors in the United States. Michael discusses the legacy of this remarkable 95-year-old company and its strategic pivot towards a sustainable future.

Under Michael’s leadership, Suburban Propane is not just distributing energy; it’s innovating for the next century. He explains how the company is advocating for propane as a clean energy solution, emphasizing its low carbon intensity and significant role in a diverse energy landscape. The discussion delves into the nuances of what “clean energy” means in the context of propane and the company’s efforts to reduce the carbon intensity of their offerings even further.

The conversation also explores Suburban Propane’s investments in renewable energy sources, signaling a bold move towards sustainability. Michael shares insights into the company’s transition from traditional propane to integrating renewable energy solutions, including renewable propane and other innovative energy alternatives. These efforts showcase Suburban Propane’s commitment to adapting and leading in an increasingly eco-conscious market.

Listeners will get a sneak peek into the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for energy distribution, particularly in how companies like Suburban Propane navigate regulatory landscapes and technological advancements to meet contemporary energy needs. Michael provides a compelling argument for the role of diversified energy solutions in achieving a lower carbon economy.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the dynamics of the energy sector, sustainability efforts within traditional energy companies, and the innovative strategies that drive the industry forward. Tune in to discover how Suburban Propane is shaping the future of energy, one clean solution at a time.