28. Decarbonizing Commercial Fleets: Lorna McAtear on Challenges and Innovations in Fleet Electrification

Commercial Fleet Electrification with Lorna McAtear

In this episode of the Insider’s Guide to Energy EV series, we are thrilled to dive deep into the world of commercial fleet electrification with our esteemed guest, Lorna McAtear, the Fleet Manager for National Grid in the UK. Lorna brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, offering insights into the complexities and unique challenges of decarbonizing commercial fleets.

Understanding Commercial Fleet Electrification

Commercial fleet electrification is a critical step towards achieving sustainability and reducing carbon emissions. During our discussion, Lorna emphasized the importance of understanding fleet utilization patterns and operational needs. She explained how different types of fleets, ranging from company cars to heavy-duty vehicles, each require distinct approaches for successful electrification.

Lorna McAtear shed light on how fleet managers can navigate the myriad of regulations and logistical challenges involved in this transition. She highlighted that the definition of what constitutes a fleet can be quite broad, encompassing everything from salary sacrifice schemes to grey fleets and commercial vehicles. This comprehensive understanding is crucial for developing effective electrification strategies.

Overcoming Challenges in Fleet Electrification

One of the key topics discussed was the common misconceptions and practical hurdles that fleet managers face when considering commercial fleet electrification. Lorna pointed out the critical factors such as range anxiety, payload capacity, and the cost of EVs. She stressed the need for clear definitions and considerations of different fuel types, including electric, biofuels, and hydrogen, based on specific operational requirements.

Lorna also delved into the evolving technology in battery and charging infrastructure, noting how advancements in these areas are making commercial fleet electrification more feasible. The importance of driver and executive buy-in was also underscored, as their support is essential for a smooth transition to electric fleets.

Practical Advice for Fleet Managers

Throughout the episode, Lorna provided invaluable advice for fleet managers embarking on the journey of commercial fleet electrification. She explained how to engage drivers, line managers, and executives to ensure a cohesive and informed approach to adopting EVs. Her experience in working with manufacturers to design and implement suitable EV solutions for various commercial needs offers a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved in decarbonizing fleets.

Lorna’s mantra of “right vehicle, right job, right fuel type, right time” encapsulates her approach to fleet management. She discussed how understanding the specific operational needs of different vehicles and utilizing the appropriate technology can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and sustainability.

The Future of Commercial Fleet Electrification

As we look to the future, Lorna expressed confidence in the continued advancements in EV technology and infrastructure. She highlighted how the commercial fleet sector is evolving, with more vehicles becoming available that meet the specific needs of various industries. This progress is crucial for achieving broader adoption and realizing the benefits of commercial fleet electrification.

Lorna also discussed the potential of alternative fuels like hydrogen and biofuels, noting that while electric vehicles are a significant part of the future, other technologies will also play a role in creating a sustainable transportation ecosystem. Her insights provide a balanced view of the future, acknowledging the importance of flexibility and adaptability in fleet management.


This episode of the Insider’s Guide to Energy EV series with Lorna McAtear offers a deep dive into the world of commercial fleet electrification. By addressing the complexities and unique challenges of this transition, Lorna provides a roadmap for fleet managers to follow as they work towards achieving net-zero emissions. Her expertise and practical advice make this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of commercial fleet management and sustainable transportation.

Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion with one of the industry’s leading voices on fleet electrification. Tune in to learn more about how commercial fleet electrification can transform the way we think about transportation and sustainability.

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