Chargetrip; predicting range, optimizing routing and managing charging

Cecile takes hosts Chris Sass and Niall Riddell on a journey through her experience growing up in the logistics industry with her family business into the world of optimizing the journeys of drivers. With over 300 million commercial vehicles to transition and 12% of European EV’s already using ChargeTrip the team is on an exciting journey.  Chargetrip recently raised $10m from HSBC and Wex showing Chris and Niall are not the only ones excited about this journey. We explore the European Chargepoint Operator Jungle and Cecile’s experience in the early days of eViolin and the EV Roaming Foundation before she joined Chargetrip. At Chargetrip she helps businesses save tens of thousands optimising their choices of commercial electric vehicle before helping them to operate them as efficiently as possible. Chargetrip helps businesses ensure that they never run out of charge.