Ep 1 Hydrogen series The Intricate Landscape of Hydrogen

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the “Hydrogen Miniseries,” a part of the “Insiders Guide to Energy” podcast. In this exciting new journey, we explore the world of hydrogen, one of the most promising energy carriers of our time. Join our hosts, Roman Kunert and Chris Sass, as they guide you through the intricate landscape of hydrogen. Episode 1 brings expert guests Stefan Dürr and Carolin Reiser.

This captivating podcast sets the stage by unraveling the essentials of hydrogen, examining its diverse forms, from green to gray, and emphasizing its pivotal role in the global energy transition. With a focus on Bavaria, our guests shed light on how hydrogen is shaping the energy landscape within this dynamic region.

You’ll discover the driving forces behind the hydrogen industry in Bavaria, including local technology companies that excel in electrolyzers and conversion technologies. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the pivotal role of the Hydrogen Technology Center Bavaria (HTB), serving as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration within the Bavarian hydrogen ecosystem.

The podcast goes on to explore the challenges faced by the hydrogen sector, such as production costs, regulatory complexities, and lengthy project approval processes in Germany. The episode underscores the importance of international cooperation and knowledge sharing as essential for overcoming these hurdles.

As the conversation evolves, the topic shifts to hydrogen storage solutions. Listeners are introduced to various storage methods, from high-pressure and cryogenic liquid storage to chemical carriers (LOHC) and solid-state storage (metal hydrides and metal-organic frameworks).

Concluding with an exciting invitation, this podcast episode encourages you to attend the Hydrogen Dialogue event in Nuremberg, an opportunity to connect with hydrogen experts and enthusiasts and explore the ever-evolving hydrogen landscape.

Join us as we kick off this enlightening “Hydrogen Miniseries,” offering valuable insights into the future of clean energy and unveiling the remarkable developments unfolding in Bavaria’s contribution to the global hydrogen economy. Don’t miss this episode, as it serves as a comprehensive introduction to the world of hydrogen, in the context of the broader energy transition.