Episode 12 – ETRM Mini-Series with ION Commodities

Chris Sass and Martin Hiller (Hosts of the ETRM Mini-Series) are talking to Sunil Biswas (Chief Product Officer)  of ION Commodities and André Jäger (Senior Vice President Product Management) of ION Commodities.

“ION Commodities, a division within the ION Group, is the leading provider of commodity management solutions that empowers companies to be in total control of their business operations.
As the market leader, ION Commodities provides holistic portfolio management and next-generation decision support to organizations of any size, in any industry, across any commodity, and in any region.
From a completely packaged multi-tenant SaaS solution, to a highly customized ETRM/CTRM solution, to a platform for advanced analytics and digitalization, ION’s portfolio of solutions supports commodity organizations’ exact requirements now — and as their businesses grow and change well into the future.”

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