Episode 5 – Data Science Mini-Series with Sven Orlowski

In this enlightening episode, we are joined by Sven Orlowski, the Managing Director at EWE TRADING GmbH. EWE TRADING stands at the forefront of energy trading, interfacing the EWE Group’s energy portfolio with the wholesale markets, and specializing in electricity and natural gas, emissions rights (EUA and CER), and oil and gas price hedging. We delve deep into the company’s operations under Sven’s leadership, discussing their unique approach to harmonizing and streamlining vast energy resources through sophisticated data strategies. Sven also offers an inside look at how modern data analytics tools are leveraged to optimize portfolio and accounting grid management, providing a comprehensive range of services to clients and partners.

A significant portion of our conversation focuses on EWE TRADING GmbH’s role as a leading market partner for renewable energy in Germany. Sven shares insights on how data analytics plays a crucial role in supporting operators of wind and solar parks nationwide in marketing their energy, paving the way for a sustainable future. This episode not only uncovers the fascinating intersection of energy trading and data analytics but also explores the future of renewable energy sources in Germany and beyond. Join us on this journey as we navigate the evolving landscape of energy trading and data management, capturing insights from one of the sector’s leading figures.