Episode 5 – ETRM Mini-Series with CTRM Cubed

Chris Sass and Martin Hiller (Hosts of the ETRM Mini-Series) are talking to Simon Piercy (Managing Director) of CTRM Cubed.

“CTRM Cubed’s TradeCube platform is an innovative, cloud-native E/CTRM service, designed for rapid deployment, simple API integration, self-service management, unparalleled reliability and a first-class user experience. TradeCube operates a genuine SaaS model where you only pay for what you use.”

To get more insights about all the vendors that participated in the ETRM Mini-Series, check out https://insidersguidetoenergy.com/energy-podcast-education/etrm/

If you want to find out more about CTRM Cubed click https://insidersguidetoenergy.com/energy-podcast-education/etrm/ctrm-cubed/