EV series Ep. 17 Second Wind: Pioneering the Afterlife of EV Batteries

In “Second Wind: Pioneering the Afterlife of EV Batteries,” hosts Chris Sass and Neil Riddell, with guest Matthew Lumsden, CEO of Connected Energy, explore the innovative world of EV battery repurposing. This episode delves into how EV batteries, after serving their primary purpose in vehicles, embark on a second life in energy storage systems. Lumsden discusses the technical adaptability of these batteries, their continued utility in diverse applications, and the environmental benefits of extending their lifespan. 


The conversation also touches on the financial implications for EV owners. Lumsden suggests that the residual value of EV batteries could positively impact vehicle financing models, particularly for fleets. He highlights the complexities of the supply chain and the need for strong partnerships to scale this model effectively. This insightful episode not only reveals the potential of repurposed EV batteries in energy solutions but also their role in shaping a more sustainable and economically efficient future.