Hydrogen series Ep. 2 “Hydrogen Horizons: Unveiling Germany’s Blueprint for Green Energy”

Discover the key to a sustainable and green energy future in this enlightening episode of the “Insider’s Guide to Energy Hydrogen Miniseries.” Hosted by Chris Sass and Roman Kunert, this episode features a captivating conversation with Tilman Wilhelm, a specialist from DVGW, the German Association for Gas and Water Infrastructure.

The episode delves into Germany’s pivotal role in the European hydrogen transformation, offering a deep understanding of their extensive pipeline network’s readiness for this revolutionary transition. Together, they explore energy standards, blending gases, and the accountability of green hydrogen.

You’ll also gain insights into DVGW’s influence in the German government’s hydrogen strategy and its quest to be a vital option in the evolving energy landscape. Plus, the episode unveils an exclusive database, “verify,” designed to help businesses ensure the readiness of their assets for the hydrogen transition.

If you’re intrigued by the future of clean energy, this podcast episode is your gateway to understanding the dynamic world of hydrogen energy. Join the conversation and stay ahead in the pursuit of a greener planet. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay informed about the latest developments in the hydrogen industry. Tune in now!