Hydrogen Series Ep. 5 Hydrogen Futures: Shaping the Green Market

The “Hydrogen Futures: Shaping the Green Market” podcast, part of the Insiders Guide to Energy Hydrogen series, delves into the rapidly evolving green hydrogen market. Hosted by Chris Sass and Roman Kunert, this episode features Daniel Wragge from the European Energy Exchange (EEX), discussing EEX’s initiatives to foster a robust green hydrogen market. Wragge explains the lack of structured pricing in the green hydrogen sector and introduces EEX’s innovative solutions like the ‘HYDRIX’ green hydrogen index and the EEX Hydrogen Auction Platform.

Wragge elaborates on the challenges of pricing green hydrogen, a small but growing segment of the hydrogen market, and the development of the HYDRIX index, based on physical trading data in Germany. The conversation then turns to EEX’s auction platform, likened to eBay, which facilitates the trade of hydrogen, offering flexibility in terms of product specifications and delivery points. This platform aims to enhance market transparency and establish a credible price signal, essential for market maturity.

Wragge also touches on the political and economic aspects shaping the market, discussing the role of subsidies in bridging the cost gap and the potential of hydrogen as a global commodity.

This insightful session provides a comprehensive look at the current state and future trajectory of the green hydrogen market, highlighting the pivotal role of market transparency and structured trading in shaping a sustainable hydrogen economy.