Inside the Electric Revolution: Exploring the World of EVs Ep. 1

Hosts Chris Sass and Neil Riddell kick off, “Insider’s Guide to Energy EV Miniseries,”.

In this first episode, Chris and Neil introduce the mission of the miniseries. Through interviews listeners will gather unique insights from experts and navigate the complex landscape of transitioning from traditional fuels to electricity. The EV miniseries takes a holistic approach to electrifying everything, including its impact on energy producers, traders, and the entire ecosystem. Get ready to explore topics like EV charging, grid implications, energy sources, manufacturing, supply chains, and more.

The first guest to join the IGTE EV miniseries is Adrian Del Maestro, Head of Thought Leadership at PwC. Adrian shares his expertise on the challenges and opportunities of the ongoing energy transition. Topics include the crucial role of batteries in storing energy, powering electric vehicles, and balancing the decentralized energy grid. He then explores the geopolitical implications of rare earths and metals required for battery technology, as well as the ethical and sustainability considerations involved.

With a promising lineup of more 20 episodes, this podcast series promises to be your ultimate guide to understanding EVs and their transformative impact on our world. Tune in and become an insider in the electric revolution!