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Early Career / Students

The IGTE Future Leaders job board is a single source for those looking to jump-start a career in energy. IGTE Job Board offers entry-level roles, graduate programs, and internships across all elements of the energy industry. When combined with IGTE Future Leaders programs and podcast content, students gain a competitive advantage through real-world knowledge and access to industry leaders, peers and jobs.

For Employers

IGTE Job Board is your place to find the perfect entry-level job, internship, graduate or rotational program. Passionate individuals looking to join the energy industry will find a role and employer that best aligns with both skills and career path. Energy as a career means aligning passion and opportunity, which is why Insider’s Guide to Energy created the Future Energy Leaders Program and the Job Board.

For You

Energy is foundational to modern society but not sustainable without a transformation. You represent the next generation of talent who will complete the energy transition. The opportunity to make your mark is across all elements of the business, including marketing, sales, engineering and human resources skills. The IGTE Job Board is an aggregate source for beginning your energy career.

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How to Post Jobs

Job Board posts are free and drive traffic back to your HR site. In addition, students value a single source offering a wide variety of opportunities to review. Students repeatedly view our board looking for the perfect fit. Extend your company’s reach as you build a connection with the next generation by leveraging the Insider’s Guide to Energy community.

Why You Should Choose Us

The Insider’s Guide to Energy Job Board is the ideal site to uncover passionate individuals to join your company. Unlike a generic website or a corporate site, the IGTE Job Board aggregates entry-level, graduate programs and internships in one place. IGTE already reaches thousands of University students for live events, podcasts and educational miniseries. In addition, we work directly with over 100 University Energy clubs to engage current and graduating students. Posting on this niche job board means getting your role in front of passionate students about the energy business to subscribe to content to augment their institutional learning with podcasts, interviews and live town hall meetings.

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