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Photo of Damian Kobler.

Damian Kobler

Automation Engineer

Damian is an automation engineer at Buhler Group, a company developing technologies for the food and automotive industry.

In his free time, he is part of the company’s own solar car racing team. Having taken part in the world solar challenge in Australia he can already benefit from the experience such an event brings.

Partaking in the world solar races with Damian

From building electric scooters at the age of twelve to being a member of a solar car racing team Damian has always been an extraordinary engineer.

Together with his team, the Solar Energy Racers at Buhler, he constantly works to design and improve the solar powered race car. With the vehicle they partake in races in Belgium, South Africa and Australia. Listen in to find out more about each component of these cars and why sometimes only half of the participants make it to the finish line.

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