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Photo of Supriya Mhatre.

Supriya Mhatre

Associate Engineer R&D

After having studied Instrumentation engineering in Mumbai, Supriya went on to study sustainable energy technology at the technical university Delft, Netherlands. After an engagement as a consultant, she found her way to the company Desolenator where she is responsible for the optimization and scaling up of their desalination plants. Together with her team she aims to relieve regions with high water stress.

Desalinating water in arid regions using solar power with Supriya

Using the process of desalination, Desolenator contributes to solving global water scarcity issues. Supriya shares her story how she joined the company as a post-graduate intern and subsequently become an R&D engineer at the firm, responsible for the design and optimization of its plants. Listen in to hear about the projects they are running across the globe and what advice she has for young engineers.

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14th July

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