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Ted McKlveen

Co-Founder &

Chief Executive Officer

After graduating with a chemistry degree from Harvard, Ted spent some time working on grid-scale storage solutions. Thereafter, while getting his MBA at Stanford, he and two colleagues founded Verne, with the aim to develop a technology that achieves a more efficient way of storing hydrogen in transport applications.

The Verne team has won support from the Breakthrough Energy Fellowship, Bill Gates’ climate change technology organization, and Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, and are about to demonstrate their technology on the roads.

Decarbonizing long haul trucking with Ted

One of the hard-to-decarbonize sectors is the heavy-duty trucking industry. Now, in a novel approach to permit these vehicles to run on hydrogen, Ted and his team at Verne are bringing a cryo-compressed hydrogen storage solution to the market. Ted shares his path from a chemistry degree to founding a company with his two colleagues. Listen in to find out how the hydrogen industry and policy is evolving in the US and why networking is an essential part of accelerating a young company.

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