Photo of Chris Sass.

Chris Sass


Chris is the CRO and co-founder of Fidectus AG, a leader in next-generation post-trade processing for energy traders. Chris is a technologist who specialises in bringing new and emerging technology to market. Transforming the back office of energy traders empowers the energy trader by increasing cash flow and reducing credit risk.

Energy is more than a job for Chris. He is passionate about energy transformation and always looking to understand business models to meet future energy needs. He brings a pragmatic approach to the Podcast, whether discussing legacy processes or cutting-edge enhancements. His experience as a technologist and entrepreneur, coupled with his passion help drive the podcast. His goal for the podcast is to provide a unique corpus of industry-specific knowledge which industry insiders can leverage to improve their skills and knowledge.

Photo of Johan Oberg.

Johan Oberg


Global Marketing Director at Johnson Controls, Inc. Energy Leader and Podcast Host. 
Johan is a senior marketing professional with a passion for business and industry transformation. He has a background in IoT, SaaS and energy and is also a co-author of a number of business leading papers such as “IoT Connected Things”, “The Decarbonised Energy Opportunity” and “Smart Public Transport”.

He studied Marketing and Communication at the University of Bridgeport (USA) and is a co-author of several business and thought leading papers such as “IoT Connected Things”, “The Decarbonised Energy Opportunity” and “Smart Public Transport”. He is a frequent keynote speaker and panel participants on business, digital and marketing forums as well as a podcast host on the Insider’s Guide to Energy.

Photo of Martin Hiller.

Martin Hiller


Martin is a management consultant at FORRS, a specialist consultancy in the energy and commodity trading industry. FORRS designs and builds fit-for-purpose solutions along the entire trading value change, from Front-Office to Back-Office. Martin has seen various challenges at different clients for more than 10 years in energy and commodity trading.

One of his core topics is finding solutions for managing trading activities from Front-to-End through system support and automation. ETRM / CTRM systems play a major role in there. Further, he is engaging strongly with clients to design tailored solutions around the topics trading automation, algorithmic trading, data management, process optimization and stochastic modelling and pricing of tradable products. martin is a Co-Host for the Educational ETRM Mini-Series.

Photo of William Stephenson.

William Stephenson


Will is an energy market analyst based in Oxford, UK, where his work currently focuses on the Irish power market. He studied undergraduate General Engineering at Durham University and subsequently studied for an MPhil degree in Energy Technologies at the University of Cambridge. His area of particular interest is in the role for flexible technologies (such as batteries) and flexibility markets in enabling the clean energy transition.

Photo of Marcelo Ortega.

Marcelo Ortega


Marcelo is a renewable analyst focused on the solar, wind, and energy storage markets of the United States and Latin America. After finishing his BSc in Chemical Engineering, he studied an MPhil in Energy Technologies at the University of Cambridge. He is very passionate about energy policy and the path towards carbon neutrality. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and spending time with his dog Chaofan.

Photo of Luca Funk.

Luca Funk


Luca is a recent graduate from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology and working as an intern at the Swiss Federal Office for Energy. Following his BSc. in environmental sciences he studied energy science and technology for his Master’s degree. His interest lie in energy storage technologies be it stationary storage or in combination with battery electric vehicles. In his free time, Luca is a semi-talented football and tennis player.

Photo of Vallabh Nair.

Vallabh Nair


Vallabh is currently working as an Intern at Fidectus. He is soon looking forward to starting his BSc in Energy Engineering. His interest lies in Renewable Energy and is passionate about technologies enabling energy transition and reaching carbon neutrality. Vallabh also enjoys playing football in his free time.

Photo of Ekaterina Steuble.

Ekaterina Steuble


Ekaterina is currently working as an Intern at the Electromobility department. After finishing her BSc in Petroleum Engineering, she studied MSc in Environmental Engineering at the University of Bologna, Italy. She is passionate about innovations and sustainable solutions toward reaching net-zero emissions. In her leisure, Ekaterina is a basketball player and an avid hiker.

Photo of Roberto Sikora.

Roberto Sikora


Roberto is working as a Digital Marketing Intern at Fidectus. He is currently studying Corporate Communication and Public Relations at IULM University in Milano. His interest in digital and social media marketing found a perfect match with his interest in the energy industry. Roberto loves to travel in his time off.

Photo of Jakob Kold Taylor.

Jakob Kold Taylor


Jakob is a Digital Marketing Intern at IGTE and he has previous experience working in Paid Media Advertising for several E-Commerce businesses. He will be studying at the University of Southern Denmark. His interest for SoMe Marketing and Paid Media Marketing is what got him an opportunity in the energy industry. Outside the office, he is a talented chef and soccer player, he also loves to workout.

Photo of Owen Tudor Benitez.

Owen Tudor Benitez


Owen has just finished his first year of a bachelor’s degree in Energy and Environmental systems, and last year accomplished the International Baccalaureate program. Since he got taught at the beginning of secondary school about energy, he has always found it interesting. The fact that energy can never be created nor destroyed, and that it can only be transferred, has always stuck to him, and been one of his favorite topics in physics. In his spare time he does outdoor activities like skiing, mountain biking and climbing. 

Declan Shortt


Declan is a Finance, Accounting and Management student in his final year at the Univeristy of Nottingham. He is currently working in the cybersecurity space but has recently become passionate about global sustainability. Declan is a passionate sailor, surfer hiker in his free time.

Alex Derkach


Alex is a University of Portsmouth graduate, with a degree in sports management and development. His interest in the energy market makes him a part of the team working on electric vehicles mini-series. He is passionate about green energy and its future perspecrives. Loves to spend his free time on a basketball court.