Technical Business Developer – Wave Energy

Working at CorPower Ocean you will be part of a world class team, determined to make big impact. We are on a mission to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves. We offer a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, combined with great personal responsibility. CorPower Ocean is a global leader in wave energy, with a technology that has shown game-changing performance. Your work will contribute to the global energy transition by unlocking one of the largest untapped sources of clean energy on earth.

We are looking for an ambitious person with relevant experience from the renewable energy sector to support sales and business development with technical expertise within field application engineering and resource modelling to join our Stockholm office. You will need to gain in-depth understanding and knowledge of our technology and product offering to act as the technical bridge between engineering, business development and sales. The person will be working within the commercial department but interact with the engineering and project office teams requiring good collaboration skills.


  • Prepare and assemble relevant technical material in response to requests for information and quotes (RFI/RQF)
  • Analyse customer requirements together with our commercial team and ensure our offering meet customer requirements
  • Participate in discovery calls with sales representatives to meet prospective clients; generating solutions based on the prospect’s needs and requirements
  • Develop business cases and financial metrics for delivering full-scale installations, including LCOE, IRR, NPV, ROI, and sensitivity analyses.
  • Perform yield and site assessment studies for customers, with support from our data science team
  • Support the development and refinement of internal modelling and project finance tools

Skills and qualifications

You may have a M.Sc. or Ph.D. degree in engineering (mechanics, electrical, renewable energy, marine engineering), computer science, physics, mathematics, or related disciplines. Over time, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the product, and you will need to get familiar with all the details from development to testing through to the sales strategy. You have previous experience in working with technical sales support and with applications involving advanced technology solutions and long lead times. It is an advantage if you have experience and interest in data science working hands-on with data modelling using Phyton and other modelling software.

You have a strong analytical mind, broad technical knowledge and a genuine interest in ocean energy, machines, and modelling. You need to be a creative and patient problem solver, and you should be passionate about pursuing your work till its final stage. You have strong work ethic, and you are a team player. You are proficient in English, both spoken and written, and work well in multi-national teams.

As a person:

  • You are striving for excellence, put quality into everything you do
  • You are self-motivated and hate to waste time
  • You have an eye for details and are motivated by understanding technology on both a system and detailed level
  • You are comfortable in presenting your solutions internally and externally
  • You always search for the most simple and elegant solutions to difficult problems
  • You love to learn new things, and take pride in constantly developing your skills
  • You are persistent, knowing it takes stamina to reach ambitious goals
  • You see your tasks through to completion
  • You are data driven and strive to always back your points with a solid analysis

We use Alva Labs as part of this recruiting process.

What’s in it for you?

  • Our mission

    CorPower Ocean brings competitive wave energy technology to the world, unlocking one of the largest untapped sources of renewable energy – harnessing the natural power of the oceans to help us tackle climate change and achieve a sustainable low-carbon future. We are solving a grand challenge that no one else have cracked the code for. With growing global attention to the health of our Earth´s environment, this mission is more important than ever. We find it hard to imagine doing anything more meaningful than this!
  • Your impact

    Each team member works with a high degree of autonomy and flexibility, combined with great personal responsibility. The technical and commercial challenges you will be part of solving are complex, cutting-edge and highly inspiring . Entering the world of wave energy technology with CPO gives you a unique chance to use, improve and hone your skills.
  • Fun!

    It’s not all just hard work here at CPO. In reaching our goals we laugh, we care, we are a CPO-family that enjoy both solving challenges and hanging out with each other. During the journey to complete the dream of a better future there will be lots of challenges, but also lots of fun,and tremendous sense of achievement – you don’t want to miss it!
  • CPO benefits

    We offer an attractive packages including: competitive base salary, stock options , health & wellbeing support , pension plan, health insurance, and six weeks of paid vacation.